AOA is a great program that helps international student to reach their goals and get where they want to go. AOA made my dream come true by bringing me to the U.S.!
— Corey Zhang, Former AOA Student and 2015 Graduate
Being an AOA host family has been an amazing experience. Personally, being a host has given me the chance to help dedicated children reach personal and academic goals, that might have been otherwise impossible without the opportunities provided to them through AOA. Time and time again seeing this has touched my heart. As for my family, I have seen that hosting an international student is a tremendous benefit for anyone with children of their own. Being an AOA host has provided my children with a window into various cultures and traditions that they may have otherwise never seen had my wife and I not decided to become a host family. Last of all, being part of AOA has provided my entire family with love, laughter and memories that will last a life time!
— Chad Billiris, Host Parent
I never really thought about what I was going to learn when this student was going to come live with us. You never think what you can learn from someone until it has happened. I have learned more about how to re-steam rice, the use in cars in China, how many people live there, and some people do have siblings. These are things you can’t get out of a textbooks, you can’t get off the internet, but I got from one student that has been living with me for 2 months. This has been a great experience and I can’t wait to learn more who he is as a person and his culture.
— Hillairy Jung, Host Parent
AOA has consistently provided quality service to our school and host families through frequent communication and reliable support. I especially love the special events that AOA hosts for fellowship and fun. AOA’s reputation and program has attracted fantastic host families at our school, many of whom have now hosted for several years. Many students stay in contact with their host family over the summer and into their college years. I am thankful that AOA’s purpose supports CCS’s mission of developing student character through dynamic and academically challenging programs, preparing them to go out to be leaders who will make an impact.
— Laura Nabors, Middle and High School Counselor - Community Christian School
Working with AOA not only offers you great services, but also peace of mind knowing that students are well selected and well taken care of during their stay in America. I personally know that AOA has the students’ best interest at heart.
— Stephane Allagnon, Director of International and Global Connections - Woodward Academy