History Of AOA

AOA’s history first began with a relationship with Shanghai Wenlai International School (SWIS) back in the fall of 2012 when Trent and Faith McMurtrey made the decision to move to Shanghai. At SWIS, Trent was the Dean of Students and history teacher while Faith was the college counselor. During this time, Trent and Faith became a part of the SWIS family. They enjoyed their time meeting and interacting with the students, parents, faculty, and staff. They were inspired by Principal Huang’s leadership to successfully operate an international program that positively changes each student’s life. To this day, five years later, Trent and Faith McMurtrey still considers SWIS as a trusted and devoted family. AOA officially began operating as an international education company because of the loyal support from SWIS. Our goal: to create an outstanding international program that connects students with many qualified and accredited high schools and universities in America. AOA has sent more than 100 students to American schools.

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