Heritage Christian Academy

Heritage Christian Academy is the perfect school for students who want to fully immerse in English, while getting an outstanding college prep education in a very safe environment. We offer loving homestay families, where students will learn more about the culture and language. The academics at HCA are very challenging, and our students are offered a variety of diploma options. Of most interest is our STEM diploma (science, technology, engineering and math), that includes courses across a variety of topics in our new state-of-the art STEM lab. STEM students participate in the FIRST Robotics and FIRST Technology Challenge competitions. We are the only private school in the area to offer a STEM program. Students may also choose a fine arts track, scholar’s or college prep.

Our staff are seasoned experts in their field, and bring real-life experience into the classroom. The curriculum is challenging and hands-on.

Our students are welcoming towards international students, and each international student is partnered with a student buddy to help them acclimate quickly. In addition, the International Student Director is involved with each student and provides a special week-long orientation before the school year begins.

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