Furtah Preparatory School

Furtah Preparatory School is a private, non-profit, educational institution dedicated to students who learn differently.

What makes FPS different? At Furtah Preparatory School we:

•Correct reading deficits through proven teaching methods
•Embrace diversity and accommodate the students’ academic and personal needs
•Participate in an International Exchange program, (previous countries hosted include: Korea, China, Japan, Ethiopia, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, France and Turkey)
•Teach responsibility in an academic as well as social setting
•Provide leadership opportunities through student council, athletics, Yearbook, and a mentoring program
•View students as individuals
•Teach moral values within the classroom as well as through sports and fine arts
•Instill high self-esteem at all ages

The gift that Furtah Prep provides for children with learning differences is first to determine how and why they learn differently, decipher any hidden reading issues, and then begin to instill hope in the child to inspire them back into learning.

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