Atlanta English Institute (AEI)

Atlanta English Institute (AEI) has more than 25 years of experience in providing academic excellence in English as a Second Language Training (ESL). As the oldest, accredited ESL School in Atlanta, our institute has stood the test of time.

We understand that Language is Power℠ and how important learning English is to our students. We know the life and career benefits that being fluent in American English can bring. We also know the struggles and difficulties that many people go through when learning or mastering any language. We’ve set ourselves apart by creating an optimal environment for learning English from some of the best ESL trained, native speaking instructors. We offer a full range of ESL classes, tutoring, and complete Test Preparation programs.

By enrolling at AEI, students can experience English in its native land, be provided personal attention by native speaking instructors in smaller classes, and focus on their studies in a nurturing, comfortable environment.