Providing Opportunities and Growth

The name of our organization truly says it all: Academic Opportunities in America. Students from all over the world are provided with the best the United States can offer: a rigorous core curriculum with an exciting array of electives, in an environment that rewards hard work with future possibility. Students are “in the world, but not of the world,” and are given ample opportunity to broaden their horizons in the safe confines of a carefully vetted host family. With a challenging academic curriculum comes the opportunity for retreats, educational travel to Washington, D.C. and Europe, as well as trips to the Caribbean, Central and South America, all with the goal of serving others.


Dedicated to raising a generation of strong and focused young people who will shape the world, AOA is committed to providing every student with a robust academic experience and one that is complemented by carefully selected extracurricular activities. High school students follow a college preparatory plan of coursework and are provided with personal development opportunities that create academically, physically and socially well-rounded individuals.

Academic Opportunities in America (AOA) provides international students with a safe once-in-a-lifetime opportunity founded on AOA administrators’ combined 150 years of educational experience. AOA’s stated goal is to meticulously move students along the path of attendance to any postsecondary institution of their choosing. With AOA’s carefully cultivated school-to-school relationships throughout each student’s country of origin, every young person is afforded better opportunities whether they return home or take advantage of additional education abroad. The following guidance is available to help each student reach that lofty goal: partnering schools providing informational systems; ongoing college consultation; and regularly scheduled onsite SAT/ESL/ TOEFL classes. AOA is an American-based, educational institution with deeply-rooted, long-term relationships with hundreds of colleges and universities committed to helping students realize their lifelong dream of attending an American university.